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Mike Cooper - There is a Structure to High Performance

August 9, 2021

I am so excited to introduce to you my 50th guest on the podcast.

Mike Cooper is a high performance coach who works with the structure of human experience and performance.

In this convo we delve into topics around coaching like I have not yet done with other guests, so I will leave them as a bit of a surprise.

Mike is also the person who 12 years ago introduced me to Meta Coaching, the coaching methodology I use in my capacity as a mental performance coach.

So to me it is also very fitting that Mike is my 50th guest as I step more into being a full time coach of the mental game.

And so I also want to let you know that my Mental Performance Coaching practice is now open.

Visit for more details, to see how I am making mental performance coaching accessible, affordable and available to all.

Last announcement just before we get into this conversation.

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Ok… for your value and learning… here we go with Mike Cooper.


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