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Gurthro Steenkamp - Coaches Kickstart Performance

March 24, 2021

Say what?  Que jaw drop and become speechless… that is how some of my guests on The Coaching Convo leaves me.

Gurthro Steenkamp, a legend of South African Rugby, a Rugby World Cup Winner and member of the Bulls and Toulouse Rugby Teams did just that.

To imagine in my wildest dreams to ever speak to some of the greatest sports people in the world is just mind blowing…

And so I want to say to every guest that has been on including Gurthro and every guest in the future… thank you for joining me and sharing your insights...

And while I am at the thank you stage… as always to you the listener thanks for tuning in weekly to listen to these convo’s.

So really just to you and my guests… I appreciate you!


Here is what stood out for me in this conversation.

Coach G and I talk through pushing the limits, playing for something other than your self… to have a purpose and about the fitness system that he is promoting and running online classes in called ZUU.  Its brilliant check it out.

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Here we go with Coach G!


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