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Collin Henderson - Speak Yourself Into Success

February 22, 2021

This podcast with Collin Henderson is a must listen…

Wow... is all I can say.  Collin brings fire in this podcast, from his infectious energy to all the wisdom he brings. This really is a must listen.

He is on a mission to transform lives and to normalize mental coaching. 

I love this convo and how we speak through how our minds work, quite naturally, against us and how we can learn to speak better to ourselves so that we can improve not only our lives, but our performances too.

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To each and everyone listening in and sharing.  Thank you so much.

Ok… last thought here before we jump into the podcast… this isn’t just a listen to it podcast.  Lets get to work.

In Collin’s words… if you think it, ink it.

So get that note pad ready…

Let’s go with Collin.



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